We are just back from a mad tour of Japan and we have seen and heard some extraordinary music.

The kind that rips your eyeballs out and makes you question whether you even understand what music is. The couple of Junzo played at the storied club in Tokyo and blew my mind, emotive and alleviative.

I sat like a crazy asylum lunatic, giggling across the full set. Nobody could hear me because this was the noisiest act of over twenty-five acts I saw on tour. I was giggling at the sheer balls and the fantastic attack on the entire body. I could not tell if my heart was thrashing or if it was actually the attack from Astro's moog that was shaking my full being.

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You might see that Junzo's amp was dimed and still it just hardly fit into the wall of alien sounds that dropped from the house PA. I looked over at the sound man in the middle of the set and he sat with a fan, making an attempt to blow some life into the overheating PA This is the type of set you come to Japan to hear music for. Everybody always asks facetiously, why is Japanese music so cool? Well, that's why. For one thing it is the volume.

It's a sort of meditation that may only be learned by experiencing. And, it is not respectful to stroll out on a show in Japan. Take the attack, let it batter you in a way you did not feel was practical. Let the sound drive you to a place you have never been. And then, in the middle of it, float outside your body, forget where you are, explore the ether. And when you settle into your body and realize where you have been, that you forgot about the music and the place and the time, giggle your ass off and dig the sounds that blew your corporeal body to bits and left only your wits floating, changeless, like Japan, 1000 years of age.